We offer a vibrant network filled with industry experts.

Growth Strategies

We guide your company to expand its business.

Project Management

We help to bring your new service into the world.

Community building

We deliver long-term customer loyalty.

Mission and Vision

“We seek to achieve a more mature crypto market and we are convinced this can only be achieved by educating and discussing the industry with people that can add value to the conversation.”

“Striving to create a world where everyone can share everything freely in an accessible and safe way.”


We are honored to work with great partners!

The Bitcoin Family

The whole community with and around TheBitcoinFamily is always about sharing and caring. Teach them how to fish instead of giving them fish!

Blockchain Valley (Virtual)

Blockchain Valley Virtual is a metaverse project build on Solana that is a digital twin of master-planned physical Blockchain powered Smart City.


“We are drowning in information while starving for wisdom” Impulze offers a robust data analytics ecosystem meant to handle any workload.

Yalla Limited

Yalla Limited works exclusively with selected UHNWI, Family offices, multi-national and private corporations and individual investors.

Aurum CI

Aurum CI is a crypto consultancy agency and investment firm that is all about exploring new transactional internet technologies.

What we do Best

Thinking and brainstorming ideas to provide solutions – This key element brings groups together to offer different perspectives and expertise to solve real-world problems.

Our Team

Our multi-disciplined team has decades of experience in the fields of; blockchain, infrastructural and cloud-orientated technologies, software development, investment strategies, commerce, marketing, project management, real estate, restructuring, and global roll-outs.

Dwayne Mithoe

Founding & Crypto Guru

Niko De Jonghe

Investment Guru

Dereck Hoogenkamp

Real Estate & New Destination Guru

Didi Taihuttu

Bitcoin, Blockchain & Life Guru

Tomás Domingos

NFTs Guru

Daniel Hall

Tech Guru

Adam Lee

AI & Software Engineer Guru

Davorin Bebek

Networking Guru

Pete Tennant

Software Consultant Guru

Elherson Matheu

Commercial Guru

Guru coming soon


Guru coming soon