EOS total dApps overtaken by TRON

Tron becomes the second-largest blockchain for dApps in the cryptospace and Mr. Sun is sharing this achievement with crypto Twitter.

Tron has officially overtaken EOS to take the number two spot in terms of the total amount of dApps on a network. According to dapp.review, Tron now boasts 651 dApps on its network with EOS showing a number of 647 on the same website. The King is still a long way ahead, Ethereum has 2,131 at the time of writing.

Mr. Sun, took to Twitter to rejoice the event. He shared his thoughts about the near future influx of new users and more developers that’ll join now that Tron took the runner-up spot among dApps.

Of course, the question rises how useful the current dApps are on any chain for that sake. Nonetheless, we congratulate team Tron with this jump on the dApp volume ranking ladder!