Cryptocurrency donations to fight fires in Australia reached $ 14,760

During the last days, Australia has been on the cover of the mainstream media for the raging fires that are happening. Donations and calls for attention have come from all over the world. From the crypto community, there have also been people seeking financial support. For all the activities that are being carried out to control the flames in the region.

Particularly, Alex Saunders, a member of the Australian Blockchain Board and founder of the crypto-educational portal Nugget´s News. He started with a fundraising campaign for firefighters with Bitcoin to contribute to firefighters.

Contributions in the silver cryptocurrency market, Litecoin, have reached the amount of 5,171 LTC (about $ 236 at the current price per currency). Finally, donations at the Bitcoin fork, Bitcoin Cash, reach the sum of 0.358 BCH (approximately $ 84).