Baidu launched Xuperchain

The Chinese internet giant Baidu released its own crypto, named Xuperchain if we may believe local rumors. The network is ‘China-compliant’ and utilizes Masternodes to run the system.

Because of this nature, it does lean towards the class of high-performance chains the network should support over 10K tx/ps. The internet giant also has over 50 patents for its network. Xuperchain can be compared to Ethereum in terms of its design tailored for dApps. Albeit that it seems like Xuperchain isn’t as decentralized as its counterpart.

The whitepaper states that it’s on a mission to modernize the country and wants to help China outpace other nations in the development and application of blockchain technology. Which is a hint towards the in 2016 written “13th Five-Year National Informatization Plan,” which also included blockchain technology.

Xuperchain blockchain launch comes rapidly after the country’s head President Xi Jinping spoke about the development of blockchain technology and how China will be at the head of its advance.