Colombians expect to have more interes in cryptocurrencies by 2020

Paxful, the Bitcoin exchange platform identified that a large number of Colombians believe that cryptocurrencies will mark the future. This was reported by El Economista, on December 29, in an article that analyzes prospects for cryptocurrencies.

Every year, the cryptocurrency industry attracts more curious users who find in this type of currency. Interesting and affordable option to invest their money.

In an article by El Economista, they noted that for colombians cryptocurrencies have become an alternative for users to preserve their intact resources. As are available to make connections with people from all over the world.

Near regulation for Colombians.

The Economist also referred to what can happen at the legislative level: “2020 can bring great progress in regulating the use of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies that will be favorable for Colombians.

According to figures collected by Paxful, at least every 10 Colombians believe it is important to see progress in this area that is already successful in other parts of the world.