Ethereum Targets Dec. 4 on Mainnet Activation Istanbul Update.

The next major upgrade for Ethereum Network is called, Istanbul; it is planned for launch on mainnet the week of Dec. 4. Instabul’s update decision was made during a developers call on October 25th. The activation of Istanbul is proposed to happen at block number 9,056,000.

Develpers also decided, that in case of any unexpected matters with the upgrade, the Instanbul activation would be pushed to January 8th.

What’s Instabul about?

The update is expected to have  6, so-called “backward-incompatible code modifications” to the Ethereum network.

The most debated amid them is; Ethereum Improvement Proposal (EIP) 1884, which will increase the computational costs of recollecting data. Also, the increased fees will improve protection on the network from possible DOS-attacks and spam.

Some other code adjustments present us with pricing changes to the network. Furthermore, new code actions that developers can use to verify and authenticate data quicker.

Lastly, the proposal of the core developers Péter Szilágyi & Felix Lange, EIP 2124 will introduce an instrument for users to detect what version of software a  node is running.

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