Since they are clearly moving on their own agenda and timeline, with first releasing the announcement about Binance US and after that the update of their TOS; resulting in a market-wide pullback with BTC being the exception.

Our guess is that Binance had to know what would happen after the announcement, the pullback on their ‘own’ coins. They have a lot of time in prepping all and running multiple scenario’s. It can’t be ignored that all should be in place to offer the folks in the US a solid regulatory compliant crypto-platform in the next few months.

In case of selecting suitable IEO project, that can be offered without any problems on US soil, it makes sense that Binance IEO’s like: Matic, Fetch, and One; will be offered on their US exchange since all the regulatory compliance has already been done, prior to this whole cut. This seems logical to be all part of the bigger picture.

What does it means for the IEO’s projects live on Binance?

Well quite simple, once Binance opens their US exchange, the volume will come back, and it will most likely be bigger as ever. And they will probably offer their ‘own’ project first since these can be offered on US soil without any hassle if they played their card right. Looking at the steps that CZ and Binance already made, this should play out just fine for them.

With an already strong brand, a global strategy and a prepping all the steps to get a stronger foothold in the US we cannot expect anything less as these Binance IEO’s coins getting a massive pump when they open up in the US. Not only ‘old’ loyal clients will return but surely new ones that are now more at ease with the steps taken by Binance. One last thing to mention, in about 3 months the market will most likely be more bullish as ever before… just in time😉

Just like a wise man said, this game is chess and not checkers!